5 tips ‘how your boss can be nice’

As we all know managing by fear is a very successful method. Most top leaders in the world aren’t the nicest of man kind, simply because they want things done. Submissive employees that work around the clock until their desk has changed into a coffin, all to satisfy their boss. We also know that this empire of Rome is never last to stand. People eventually get enough of bad treatment in the long run and the company pillars start to shake. We can explain companies or managers how to be nicer to their people. But we can also tell you, how you can take control of a nicer place to work with a nicer boss. So here we go, 5 useful tips to motivate your boss to start being nice.

  1. Show a significant positive work ethic if your manager says something nice to you. Compliment your boss on his/hers positive behaviour.
  2. Pretend that you are not impressed by his/hers action of fear. When he yells to you or your colleague. Pretend that it makes zero impact on your behaviour. Don’t get in the action stand military position or head dug down position. Show interest, but lack action. Your manager will start looking for other tactics.
  3. Drop a line sometimes in conversations that your boss has a certain reputation. Don’t say ‘half of team thinks you’re a dick’. But say something like, noticed that the team is sometimes hesitant in telling you good new ideas because they worry your reaction. The ego of the boss is touched and thinks, shit I need work. I don’t want to miss out on good idea’s I can shine with. Let’s be nice.
  4. The law of reciprocity. If you are genuinely nice to your boss, he feels like he has to be nice back. Not to mistaken with sucking up. That is the worst things to do. It will only increase the ego of your boss in the wrong way.
  5. Simply explain your boss you perform better on positive reinforcement instead of on negative reinforcement. That doesn’t mean you’re a woozy, but if you explain what works best for you, that will help you to get treated that way.