Jan Reinder speaks

  • 5 tips ‘how your boss can be nice’

    As we all know managing by fear is a very successful method. Most top leaders in the world aren’t the nicest of man kind, simply because they want things done. Submissive employees that work around the clock until their desk has changed into a coffin, all to satisfy their boss. We also know that this […]

  • Talks about it?

    Making decisions and process of change. It is also appointing important subjects like: motivations, making the impossible possible, success, learning, behaviour, achieving, entrepreneuring, innovation and growth. Magic Minded always incorporates company specific messages in it’s story. While discussing the briefing with the client, Jan Reinder always asks the client what specific ‘customized message’ should be […]

  • The audience wonders

    Sometimes people from the audience will ask me interesting questions. Varying from can you read the mind of my boss or can you predict if the company will expand the following year. A few days ago I was performing for a Bank. And it happened again. A woman came up with a question squeezing her […]