The audience wonders

Sometimes people from the audience will ask me interesting questions. Varying from can you read the mind of my boss or can you predict if the company will expand the following year. A few days ago I was performing for a Bank. And it happened again. A woman came up with a question squeezing her mind.

I showed a few illusions on stage with money to explain the crowd why it is so important to put joy in your work if you want to double your outcome. After the show this woman came up to me. ‘Are you really able to produce money?’ she asked. She looked at me as if she really didn’t know what to believe and she was hoping that I would tell her my secret. Instead she started telling me this story.

“I actually really doubled my outcome ones. Before I working for this bank I used to work for a house broker firm. I was supposed to help this client to sell their property. Over the phone they briefed me and told me they wanted to sell their real estate for 245 million euro.

Normally I wrote those manuals in a few days using this standard copy input we already had and recycled to save time. But this one was a special project to me and in a higher price range than normal, so I decided to put more effort into it. When I was writing the manual I got so excited about this project. I put my heart into it. I went to the estate. It had a fascination historical background that I wrote the whole history about it. I decided to change a few things about the estate to make it look nicer. I hired a guy to redo the garden around the house. I suggested to repaint the whole front of the estate and I made beautiful pictures. I guess I loved this estate more than I realized and that came across. After a few weeks of getting all the info and results of the building report it was set to go on sale. The final thing I had to add to publish the estate was the pricing, 542 million euro. Instead of the 245 that was charged for this estate, I made this huge mistake of doubling the price. But the most surprising thing was that the next day a buyer approached the company and the place was sold. Magic happened. The unexpected. But actually after listening to this amazing story it actually wasn’t so odd that she suddenly doubled her income. She had doubled her input and enthusiasm in her work too, what made it worth.